Patient Communication Solutions for Primary Care Providers

Dynamic and engaging reminder communications for primary care

Primary care practices move at hyper speed. There are so many patients to see and so little time. Patients who don’t show up, show up late, or show up unprepared can throw the whole day off. That’s why family and internal medicine practices need an integrated patient communication solution. With Solutionreach, primary care practices can send appointment and recare reminders that are based on patient preferences and that include appointment-specific instructions. They can also send educational newsletters to get patients in for things like flu shots or sports physicals. Make sure every patient shows up for the care they need on time and prepared.

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Reduce No Shows


A 20% no-show rate could cost nearly $22,000 a month in lost revenue. Let’s do something about that.

Patient Appointment Reminders

Cover appointment reminders, recalls, payment notifications and more in a personalized way.

Keep ‘em Coming

Increase Revenue


The average practice using Solutionreach, increased recall revenue by $95,000 a year.

Recall Reminders

Bring patients back in for appointments like well-woman checks with automated recall reminders.

Get ‘em to Come Back

Improve Experience


For one Solutionreach customer, a single email newsletter drove more than 700 flu shots.

Patient Education

Find new patients. Keep your current ones. Eveything you need to keep the schedule full.

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Just focusing on the recall feature alone, one well-visit that was scheduled due to Solutionreach covers the cost of the product. It saves staff time in addition to the revenue coming in from those visits.

-Leslie Tarver, Vice President of Patient Experience and Marketing, Allied Physicians Group

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