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                      Attract new patients and keep your old ones coming back.

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                      Primary Care Online Reviews Mangement

                      Seventy-seven percent of patients check out online reviews as their first step when selecting a primary care provider. So start using your strongest patient relationships to build new ones.

                      SR Smart Reviews helps you figure out which patients most likely to leave you a positive review. So you can text a link to your patient’s phone while they are in your office, and you can get those positive reviews where you need them the most.

                      Primary Care Patient Referrals

                      The only thing prospective patients pay more attention to than online reviews is the opinion of someone they trust, so Solutionreach makes it easy for your patients to pass along your information! Messaging can include simple Refer-a-Friend buttons and links that encourage your current patients to very quickly forward your information to anyone they choose.

                      Primary Care Marketing Automated Email Software

                      Primary care practices are the first-stop shopping for all your patient's healthcare needs. Keep them educated on their health through automated enewsletters, practice promotions, and multi-touch drip campaigns. With education, you can expect greater patient loyalty and higher referral rates. 

                      Video Testimonials

                      What’s better than written reviews? Videos of real, live, super-happy patients! Boost your Google ranking and attract new patients with SR Video, the patient marketing testimonial recording tool that seamlessly posts to your YouTube channel and spreads the Super-Happy Patient Love across the web!

                      Primary Care Patient Mapping

                      The Patient Mapping tool provides geographic positioning of your practice’s patient database and highlights recently acquired patients, eliminating the guesswork when determining where patients actually come from. Practices can use the advanced filtering capability to see patient inflow by date as well as zip code. With Patient Mapping, your practice will have the hard data it needs to pinpoint growth opportunities and determine medical marketing strategies.

                      Attract new patients and keep the ones you have.

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