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Dynamic Messaging

Posted on Feb 21, 2018 by Nicole Grosskopf

    Have you ever found yourself wishing there was a way to send pre-visit instructions to your customers? How many times have you lost appointments because someone forgot their insurance cards, or perhaps they forgot they weren’t supposed to eat before a procedure? I bet you’ve lost count.

    Introducing dynamic messaging.

    These dynamic appointment reminders can contain a variety of instructions patients need to follow before their appointment, such as:

    • Fasting for a certain length of time
    • Completing lab work
    • Bringing medication, retainers, eyeglasses, or any other accessoriesSR-Home-Page-SR-C-SRSR-SRS-Vertical-Selector-Hero
    • Arriving early to complete paperwork
    • Bringing insurance cards or other paperwork

    Solutionreach can now automatically add instructions to appointment reminders based on the type of appointment scheduled. Instead of relying solely on your patients’ memory, you can set pre-visit instructions to be automatically included in appointment reminders. Not only will this message decrease the amount of phone-time in your practice, but it will also reduce the number of appointments that you'll need to reschedule.

    How to enable dynamic messaging for appointment reminders:

    1. From within the Solutionreach platform, Click the Settings link on the left-hand navigation menu (found within the Account Settings category).
    2. Click on the Delivery Settings tab found at the top of Settings section.
    3. Enable Pre-visit instructions by marking the checkbox at the bottom of the Message Delivery Schedule box.
      • Note: The checkbox can be enabled for the following delivery schedules: Immediate, Weekly, Daily, Hourly. These dynamic messages will be sent at the same time as the appointment reminder messages.
    4. After marking the checkbox to enable Pre-Visit Instructions on each of the desired delivery schedules (Immediate, Weekly, Daily, Hourly), click the blue Save button on the right-hand side.

    To read more about dynamic messaging, click here. For more information on how to set up dynamic messaging, click here.

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