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June Product News

Posted on Jun 18, 2019 by Ladd Gillman


    If you haven't heard yet, Solutionreach now offers SR Intake, a digital check-in solution, making it easy and convenient for your patients to check-in. It will save you time and improve the patient experience.

    Plus paper is expensive and inefficient for your practice. It can cause delays in your schedule, billing errors, and even claim denials. SR Intake changes all of that. You simply need to create a custom check-in form from the SR Intake Tab with the Solutionreach platform and easily send it out to your patients from:

    • Action List
    • Schedule
    • Patient Profile
    • SR Conversations.

    Patients can then view and complete the check-in process right on their mobile device or personal computer. They can even eSign any necessary consent forms--all before they even set foot in your office. 

    Once a patient completes the check-in process a PDF file is created and uploaded to the patient's profile in Solutionreach.

    Pretty cool, eh? Watch the video to see more on SR Intake.


    Report Improvements

    You will now see quick-view widgets at the top of each report, date filters, and a Download Filtered button. The quick-view widgets will give you an overview of the data in the report of your choice.

    The data filters will allow you to filter the data by a custom date range. This data can then be downloaded in a CSV file by clicking the “Download Filtered” button.

    That’s everything for this edition of Product News. Leave a comment down below to let us know what you think.

    Ladd Gillman

    Ladd Gillman

    Bachelors of Science in Business Management and minor in Marketing from Utah Valley University. Currently an MBA candidate at UVU. The Associate Product Marketing Manager at Solutionreach Inc.

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