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Release Notes 01-07-22

Posted on Jan 07, 2022 by Mike Rigert


    In this release, we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by …

    • Increasing the character limit for the practice name email token.
    • Changing to radio buttons for verifying the text message content type of a group message.
    • Improving the navigation for Location Hub and updating the SR Conversations button.
    • Updating Log4j to version 2.17.1.
    • Improving the Location Hub Total Messages Sent Report to display the delivery type.
    • Correcting a spelling error on the SRC website widget page.
    • Correcting the appointment plurality to match the appointment count.
    • Updating the Tokbox version to address SR Telehealth issues on the latest version of Chrome.
    • Clarifying the text to edit a patient’s individual message settings.
    • Aligning the Holiday Delivery Settings header on the Delivery Settings page.



    Increase the character limit of the practice name email token

    Some practices are unable to type in their full business name due to the character limit imposed within Solutionreach. We have increased the character limit so that the full practice name can be used in emails.

    What you need to know:

    • This affects the $PRACTICE$ token in emails only.
    • The practice name character limit for emails has increased from 33 characters to 100 characters.
    • The practice token for emails now shows the full name.
    • The practice name character limit for text messages remains unchanged.

    increase character limit screen shot


    increase character limit screen shot 2


    Change Group Message Healthcare + Marketing checkboxes to radio buttons

    Currently, practices can select both Healthcare AND Marketing when verifying the text message content of a group message template. If they select both, the message will only be sent to patients who have opted-in for Marketing messages.

    We have updated the manner in which practices can select the text message content type from checkboxes to radio buttons to provide better clarity that only one option can be selected. Practices will now only be able to select Healthcare OR Marketing rather than having the option to select both.

    What you need to know:

    • Text message verification options changed from checkboxes to radio buttons.

    Before - Individual Platforms:

    group messages check box screen shotAfter - Individual Platforms:

    group messaged radio button screen shot


    Nav updates and Location Hub SR Conversations launch button

    We updated the following for consistency and better site map organization:

    • Location Hub updates
      • The navigation order in Location Hub was updated. 
      • Manage Users is now located under the Organization tab.
      • ‘Org Structure’ was renamed to ‘Organization Structure.'
      • We fixed a bug where SR Conversations and SR Intake were not always visible on the left navigation in Location Hub.
      • The SR Conversations launch button on the Practice Select page was updated to match the button seen in the individual platforms’ Dashboard page.
    • The navigation option for SR Reputation Engine was updated to be blue for customers who have SR Reputation Engine, but who do not have SR Smart Reviews.


    Location Hub screen shot 1

    Location Hub screen shot 2After:

    Location Hub screen shot 3

    Location Hub screen shot 4





    Update Log4j Version to 2.17.1

    The Log4j exploits are continuing to be found & patched.

    Location Hub: Total Messages Sent Report | Delivery Type Showing “Unknown”

    We fixed the Total Messages Sent report in Location Hub so that it would display a delivery type for all messages that are sent, instead of saying “Unknown” on some of them.

    Conversations: Correct the spelling on the SRC website widget page

    We corrected a spelling error for the word “initiate” on the SR Conversations Website Widget page.

    Appointments calendar: Appointments plurality

    Updated the appointment count to match the number plurality for no appointments and just one appointment. We will display “No Appointments” instead of “0 Appointments” and “1 Appointment” instead of “1 Appointments”.

    SR Telehealth: Update Tokbox JS API

    Some customers who updated to the latest version of Google Chrome (96.0.4664.110 or later) were unable to start an SR Telehealth call. Older versions of Google Chrome were not affected. We updated our Tokbox version from 2.17.0 to 2.21.2 to allow all versions of Google Chrome to work with SR Telehealth calls.

    Patient Profile: Update custom delivery settings experience

    Updated the verbiage to provide clarity on the action that will be taken when editing an individual patient’s personal message settings. The option will now read, “Activate Custom Patient Message Settings” with an information icon, instead of “Use Patient Message Settings (Check the box to see Patient Message Settings below)." We also updated the header and removed the 's' on Patients: “Edit Patient Message Settings."

    Fix the Holiday Delivery Settings header too far to the left

    We fixed the alignment of the Holiday Delivery Settings section on the Delivery Settings page to match all of the other headers.


    holiday delivery settings screen shot


    holiday deliver settings screen shot 2

    Mike Rigert

    Mike Rigert

    Mike Rigert is a writer and content marketing specialist with more than a decade of expertise in the B2B SaaS healthcare sector. He enjoys finding fresh and creative ways to tell the story about Solutionreach's innovative and life-changing patient relationship management platform. In his spare time, Mike enjoys diving into books, geeking out with scifi, expanding his knowledge of military history, and spending time with his wife and three kids.

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