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Release Notes 10-16-20

Posted on Oct 16, 2020 by Hilary Melander


    In this release, we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Releasing SR Conversations website widget to general availability
    • Updating the SR Intake COVID-19 Pre-Screening Questionnaire  
    • Adding a website token to the Recall signature line


    SR Conversations: The  SR Conversations website chat feature is now OUT of BETA

    The SR Conversations website widget is officially out of beta! The SR Conversations website widget beta is a great example of how customer feedback can really impact the product development and roadmap. After initial feedback from customers, we decided to add auto-response functionality and the ability to customize the chat icon that appears on our customer’s website before graduating it from beta. As a result, the product has more value and can be used by more of our customers right away. 

    Initiate chat through your website

    Read the Product News Blog "Allow Patients to Initiate Text through Your Website" to learn more. 

    SR Intake: Update the COVID-19 pre-screening Questionnaire to include the latest updates from the CDC 

    The CDC guidelines around COVID-19 are evolving as scientists and medical experts learn more about the virus. The COVID-19 pre-screening Questionnaire system template has been updated to reflect the most recent changes. 

    Platform: Website token added to Recall signature

    A website token has been added to the Recall signature. This creates a seamless experience for those patients that need to navigate to the office’s website.


    Pre Visit Instructions: Including all household members instead of single patient

    A bug in the system caused a Pre-visit Instruction meant for a single patient, to apply to other family members in the same household. This has been resolved and Pre-Visit Instructions are being appropriately paired with the corresponding patient. 

    Pre-Visit Instructions: Inactive providers included 

    A bug was attaching inactive providers to Pre-Visit Instructions. This issue has been corrected and now only active providers are attached to Pre-Visit Instructions.  

    Platform: Spring Security Upgrade and emailProcessor 

    A bug entered the system with the last Spring Security vulnerability fix. This issue has been corrected. Text message appointment reminders are now being received by the emailProcessor. 

    Voice email notification hyperlink not placing correctly 

    A bug was placing the hyperlink to the voicemail page within SR into the email signature instead of the body of the email. This has been corrected and will now show in the body of the email. 

    Release Notes
    Hilary Melander

    Hilary Melander

    One of the most empowering moments in her career came from an "ah-ha" or "lightbulb" moment when she realized that creativity is simply problem solving. This realization sparked an enthusiasm deep inside for problem solving and has been the impetus driving her career as a Sr. Product Marketing Manager. Hilary has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Utah and a Masters degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University. She values community involvement and just completed 4 years as a squad leader on Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue team and the Friends of SLC Search and Rescue 501(c)3. She currently serves on the board of the neighborhood HOA.

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