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Release Notes 12-18-20

Posted on Dec 20, 2020 by Addison Reid


    In this release we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Enhancing the intake process by allowing patients to complete intake forms without verification or using an intake code
    • Allowing customers to automate the sending of telehealth links using Pre-Visit Instructions
    • Adding new system images which can be used in reminders and group messages
    • Unifying the way we code the Android and iOS app for SR Conversations



    SR Intake: Skip verification/PIN experience for SR Intake on the patient level

    Patients now have the option to proceed through the intake process without verification or the SR Intake Code (formerly PIN). If these options are used, patient data will not be pre-populated. Additionally, the saved SR Intake PDF will display the following warning stating the packet was completed without patient verification: "This packet was completed without the patient verifying themselves. Please review it carefully. We recommend reviewing the information with the patient at their appointment before making changes to the patient’s record in your system." 

    This new functionality allows customers to accommodate unscheduled or walk-in patients more quickly, which saves them time and improves the patient experience. This also means patients can continue through the intake process even if they are experiencing technical difficulties verifying themselves or receiving the SR Intake Code. 


    SR Telehealth: Read scheduled appointments and attach a telehealth URL to the PVI

    Prior to this release, customers had to manually send a telehealth link to patients. In this release, SR Telehealth users are able to use Pre-Visit Instructions to automatically create and send telehealth appointment links to patients, which allows these customers to save more time. If the subscriber has SR Telehealth enabled in appAdmin, the $SR_Telehealth$ token is added to the Pre-Visit Instructions token options. 

    What you need to know:

    • When the token is sent, a new link is created for each appointment. 
    • If a Pre-Visit Instruction includes a token for the same appointment in more than one reminder type, the same URL will be used for both messages. 
    • If a URL has already been generated for a trigger_idx, Pre-Visit Instruction and manual creation in Conversations should find and use the same URL. 
    • SR Telehealth invitations sent out prior to this release will still work as expected. 
    • SR Telehealth reporting will list all devices an invitation has been sent to, and correctly format different address types, such as phone and email. 
    • Both the SR Telehealth tab and Provider Waiting room show upcoming scheduled appointments with a telehealth URL and the provider is able to join SR Telehealth appointments from there.


    Platform: Update the Reminder/Group images to include more options

    Customers want more image options for appointment reminders and group messages. New system images have been added for the following verticals:

    • Dental and Canada-Dental 
    • Medical and Canada-Medical 
    • Ophthalmology and Canada-Ophthalmology 
    • Medspa 
    • Chiropractic 

    Below are some of the images:


    SR Conversations Mobile App: Android and iOS

    To streamline our mobile efforts, we have started utilizing a system called Flutter to develop our mobile apps. This allows us to code in one place and publish it out to Android and iOS. With this release, we are allowing all customers to update their iOS app to the Flutter-coded app and taking both Android and iOS apps out of beta. 

    What you need to know:

    • Customers utilizing the current iOS app will be prompted to update their app (they will NOT need to download a new app, yay!)
    • SRC Mobile users will now have the ability to:
      • Mark a message as unread
      • Utilize and see the multiple colored flags
      • Manage flag names
      • Filter messages by flags 
      • Search for patients
      • Create and edit custom Quick Message templates
    Release Notes

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