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Release Notes 3-12-21

Posted on Mar 12, 2021 by Addison Reid


    In this release we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Allowing customers to send intake forms to multiple patients at once from the Schedule page
    • Supporting larger files for Group Uploads
    • Increasing the max image width for appointment reminders and group messages



    SR Intake: Send Intake to multiple patients at once from the schedule

    This release makes it possible for customers to send intake packets to multiple patients at once, which allows them to work more efficiently by reducing the need to send intake packets to individual patients. Customers can select multiple patients on the Schedule, then click the “Send Message” button to select and send an intake packet.

    During this process, customers can also prioritize whether text or email should be the primary delivery method. If a patient is unable to receive the intake packet through the primary method, the secondary method will be used. If neither text nor email are available for a patient, an intake packet will not be sent and a warning message that states the patient does not have a device on file will be displayed. If a patient will receive an intake more than once, a warning message will be displayed, stating that the customer is about to send multiple packets to the following selected patients. If a selected patient that has already received ANY packet and completed it, they will appear in the warning box. If a different packet than the one they previously completed is selected, they will still receive the packet that has not been completed.

    Once sent, the SR Intake Forms column on the Schedule tab is updated with the date and time the intake packet was sent.

    What you need to know:

    • A Select All/ Deselect All box has been added to the top of the patient select column.
    • SR Intake can now be sent to patients selected when the ‘Send Message’ feature on the Schedule page is used.
    • A preferred medium (text/email) is selected in the modal. If the patient doesn’t have the preferred medium, we will send the invite to the other medium. If the patient doesn’t have text or email, no message will be sent.
    • If a patient has received the intake request and completed it, the patient will NOT receive a message to complete the intake packet again.
    • If the same patient is selected multiple times, multiple packets will be sent to that patient. Note: A warning message will be presented to the practice with the patients so they can remove them from their selection.

    select multiple patients from the schedule tab

    popover to send intake packets to multiple patients

    Platform: Enhanced the Group Upload performance for large CSV files

    Enterprise users need the ability to upload large groups of patients at once so they can create a single group of the patients they’re trying to target. Currently, the system times out when the practice has a large number of active patients in Solutionreach to match against their large file of patients, so customers are having to split up their patient lists and upload them all separately. We have updated our database with a new index that allows lists to process quickly and reduce the chance of timing out.

    Platform: Increase the width limits for Reminder and Group message images to 600px

    In order to help our customers provide patients with a more appealing aesthetic on their outbound email reminders, we increased the max image width from 468 to 600 pixels. This allows the banner image to be the same width as the footer when the mobile-friendly email message layout is used, but will still look correctly sized if the traditional layout is used. Images wider than 600px will be resized and will maintain their proportional height, though we do recommend a 600 x 150 pixel image be used with the mobile-friendly reminder layout and Group Messages. The 600px width is supported in the image library, as well as when uploading an image in a group message template.

    image size recommendations for reminders and group messages

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