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Release Notes 5-28-21

Posted on May 28, 2021 by Addison Reid


    In this release, we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Updating CareCredit images in the Groups and Appointment Reminder image libraries
    • Providing a more secure experience in the SR Conversations mobile app
    • Allowing customers to send third-party telehealth templates from the SR Conversations mobile app



    Platform: Swap out CareCredit images to new images

    CareCredit has provided us with new images we can use to update some images being used in different areas of the platform, including the image library for Groups and Appointment Reminders for customers in the Vision - Ophthalmology vertical.

    CareCredit example images

    CareCredit old and new images for all verticals

    more examples of old and new CareCredit images for all verticals


    SR Conversations mobile: Add Passcode / Biometric lock for App Security

    In order to provide more secure access to the SR Conversations mobile app, especially in the event of a compromised or shared device, we have provided users the ability to use a passcode, Face ID (if available), or fingerprint to access the SR Conversations mobile app.

    Screenshot of SR Conversations Mobile security settings


    SR Conversations mobile: Add Telehealth third party templates to the SR Conversations Mobile app

    If customers using SRC Mobile are not using SR Telehealth, they still need the ability to send templated messages for third-party telehealth systems from the SRC app. They can already do this from the desktop version of SR Conversations and this update provides that feature parity in the mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. Since these are system templates, users are unable to customize the message. The included templates are as follows:

    • Telehealth Third-party
    • Telehealth Third-party Spanish

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