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Release Notes 5-7-21

Posted on May 07, 2021 by Addison Reid


    In this release, we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Auto-responding to requests to opt-in and out of messaging
    • Improving the UX for Recall messaging status
    • Fixing a bug which prevented insurance information from being retained when using SR Intake
    • Fixing a bug that prevented SR Pay accounts from being used across multiple subscribers



    Platform: Update the opt-out and opt-in auto-response sent via shortcode and add these auto-responses to SR Conversations

    Practices have been reporting that patients don’t understand the ramifications of opting out of text messages. In order to provide clearer communication to patients regarding their opt-in/out status, they will now receive an auto-response when opting into or out of receiving text messages. The message will include wording about all text messages from the practice and, if the practice can be identified, will also include the practice name so that it is clear what they have opted out of or back into.

    What you need to know:

    • An auto-response is provided when patients reply “Stop” or “Unstop”. This affects messages sent via:
      • Shortcode
      • SR Conversations
    • Subscribers should be identifiable in SR Conversations. A subscriber may be identifiable through shortcode if the patient's number is mapped to one single subscriber. If patients are mapped to zero or multiple subscribers, the "Subscriber not identified" version of the response will be sent.
    • The response to “STOP” messages has been changed to:
      • Subscriber identified:
        "WARNING: You have opted out of ALL txt msgs including appointment reminders from $PRACTICE$. To receive these msgs, please reply UNSTOP."

    Sample opt out auto response text

      • Subscriber not identified:
        WARNING: You have opted out of ALL txt msgs including appointment reminders. To receive these msgs, please reply UNSTOP.
    • Update the “START” / “UNSTOP” message to:
      • Subscriber identified:
        "You have successfully opted into text msgs from $PRACTICE$" is sent to the patient
    Sample opt in auto response text
      • Subscriber not identified:
        "You have successfully opted into text messages" is sent to the patient

    Platform: Update the Recall enabling/disabling to toggles

    Some customers reported that it can be confusing to understand the toggle state of some products and features in the Solutionreach platform. This release updates the “Enable/Disable” toggle labels to “ON/OFF” for the Recall message status, which improves the user experience in our platform.

    recall message toggles before and after



    SR Intake - Insurance Info Section Doesn't Return Populated Fields for All Patients

    For some offices, the Insurance Information section of SR Intake forms was returning no data even after patients had populated all of the fields. This has been fixed.

    SR Conversations: SR Pay should support multiple subscribers with the same SwervePay account SID

    SR Pay was assuming there was a 1 to 1 mapping between subscribers and their SwervePay account. Some enterprise customers were trying to use the same SwervePay account for multiple subscribers within the enterprise but because of the mapping, it was causing problems with processing payment completed messages from SwervePay and updating the status correctly. This has been fixed.

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