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Release Notes 6-25-21

Posted on Jun 25, 2021 by Addison Reid


    In this release, we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Optimizing the navigation for SR Smart Reviews and Patient Feedback
    • Improving the layout of Group Message emails to be easier to read
    • Fixing a bug that prevented insurance information from being displayed on the completed intake packet



    SR Smart Reviews: Navigation Optimization and Patient Feedback

    SR Smart Reviews is currently split between three navigation sections but many customers have expressed they’d like to find the SR Smart Reviews dashboard and settings in one location.

    To provide a user experience that is more consistent with the rest of the navigation, we have merged these into one navigation option along with the Internal Feedback that is collected with SR Smart Reviews. Additionally, there is a lot of confusion for users regarding which information in the Patient Feedback section is actually collected from the survey and posted to the microsite. Because of this, we have moved the Microsite Reviews option to the Surveys section of the platform as a tab.

    What you need to know:

    • The left navigation option will be the following:
      • SR Smart Reviews will no longer live under Online Presence. It will be its own navigation option
      • “Smart Reviews Dashboard” has been renamed to “Quick View” and is the first tab in this new navigation tab
      • “Smart Reviews Settings” has been renamed to “Settings” and is the second tab in this new navigation tab
      • The third tab is named “Internal Feedback”
        • Includes only the Internal Feedback collected from SR Smart Reviews
        • Updated the UI to have the feedback in the main row and removed the expand icon and expandable row
        • Added in sorting functionality next to the column header (should be up and down arrows next to all but Feedback)
      • The SR Smart Reviews “Settings” tab will not be visible to Personnel “View” and “Send” roles
    • A new tab has been added to the Post-appointment Survey section called “Microsite Reviews”
      • The microsite reviews from the Patient Feedback tab have been moved to this tab
      • Sorting functionality has been added next to column headers
      • A quick link to the microsite and iframes are located below the feedback section

    Platform: Group Messages - Left-align body, remove border, center button tokens

    In order to provide a better patient experience, the body of group messages sent via email have been aligned to the left. The $APPOINTMENT_REQUEST$ and $CREDIT_LINK$ tokens will continue to be center-aligned. This update will simultaneously center-align the $APPOINTMENT_REQUEST$ in other templates, like recall messages, which will provide a better patient experience with those messages as well.

    What you should know about existing behavior:

    • $APPOINTMENT_REQUEST$ automatically adds a blank line after the token in the template. To remove the blank line, start typing immediately after the token instead of the following line.
    • Text on the green appointment request button in a group template is underlined when viewed in Gmail, whereas it is not underlined in the template preview page. This is because the email client is interpreting it as a link.

    Group message email text alignment before and after



    SR Intake: Insurance Info Missing When PIN Isn't Used

    If patients skipped authenticating with a PIN during the intake process, insurance information entered on intake packets was not being displayed on the completed intake packet. This has been fixed.

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