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Release Notes 7-30-21

Posted on Jul 30, 2021 by Addison Reid


    In this release, we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Updating navigation options in the Solutionreach platform
    • Adding Group functionality to the Practice Select experience
    • Improving the user creation process for Practice Select
    • Updating links on the SR Smart Reviews dashboard
    • Ensuring helpful pop-ups appear when working with newsletters
    • Fixing a visual bug for personnel users


    Platform: Nav Optimization

    In an effort to further improve the user experience and reduce calls to support, we have renamed some navigation items to help our customers more clearly understand where in the platform they might need to go in order to perform specific actions.

    To provide a user experience that is more consistent with the rest of the SRP navigation, we have:

    • Changed the name of the Overview tab to “Dashboard”
    • Changed the name of the Schedule tab to “Today's Schedule”
    • Changed the name of the Message Center tab to "Manage Patient Messages"
    • Changed the name of the Account Settings tab to “Manage Account”
    • Renamed PatientReach Portal to 'Portal' and moved this tab under “Manage Account”
      • PatientReach Mobile has been added as a tab within this section
    • Moved SR Intake out of the Patient Management section to its own navigation option (alphabetically with the rest of the SR add-on products)
    • Removed the Patients section and the Patient Management tab

    Practice Select: Adding group functionality

    To make it easier for larger customer accounts to use the Newsletter feature in Practice Select, we have added the ability to create criteria groups, which allow customers to create different segments of patients based on whether or not they meet specific criteria selected by the customer.

    What you need to know:

    • A new section has been added for Criteria Groups
      • New criteria groups can be created
      • Multiple groups can be selected and deleted at once. The delete button appears after at least one group is selected

    Criteria Groups section of Practice Select

    • Customers can now create criteria groups in Practice Select
      • Multiple criteria can be used to refine criteria groups as needed

    Criteria Group creation in Practice Select

    Practice Select: User Management — update instructions on email and success screen

    Providing clear instructions, especially during user creation, can help reduce friction during the process and make it easier for our customers to access the platform. In the "Enterprise User Setup" email, we have replaced the instructions "Click the link below to set your password and complete registration" with "Click the link below to begin registration and set your username".

    Once a user finishes setting the username and clicking the "Finish" button, they’re shown a landing page. We’ve also updated the wording on the landing page from "Everything is set up and ready for you to log in" to "Your username is set up. Please check your email inbox for a link to set your password and log into your account".

    SR Smart Reviews: Update Quick Links on Quick View tab

    We’ve updated the wording and links that appear in the Quick Links section at the bottom of the Quick View tab in the SR Smart Reviews section of the platform.

    • The first link now reads “See a report of sent SR Smart Review messages” and links to the Smart Reviews Sent report
    • The second link now reads “Learn how to enable or disable automated review invitations” and links to a knowledge base article in the community
    • The third link now reads “Read the FAQ for quick answers to common questions on SR Smart Reviews” and links to a knowledge base article in the community

    Quick Links section of SR Smart Reviews Quick View tab



    Platform: Newsletter pop-ups no longer appearing

    When editing and saving a newsletter, a green “Saved” popup should appear near the top of the page. Alternatively, if the newsletter could not be saved, such as if the internet connection was lost, the system was down, or the login expired, a red popup should appear, indicating there was an error. A bug was preventing these pop-ups from being displayed, but it has been fixed.

    Saved newsletter confirmation pop-up

    Platform: Personnel Conversations Still Accessible/Showing Telehealth Options

    Some personnel users were experiencing a bug where SR Conversations would continue to display in the left navigation of the platform, even though the option was disabled for their user profile. When these users attempted to log in to SR Conversations, the SR Telehealth experience would be displayed instead. This bug has been fixed.


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