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Release Notes 8-20-21

Posted on Aug 20, 2021 by Addison Reid


    In this release, we’ve focused on improving the customer experience by…

    • Addressing an appointment reminder response notification issue


    Reminders: Sending "A message from your patients" for Confirmation Texts

    Some customers have been receiving several email notifications from patients who are confirming their appointment reminders, even though the customers don’t have an email address in the "Confirmations" field under "Practice Notification Email Addresses." These customers do not have SR Conversations and instead of receiving the expected “Confirmation via text” email, they are receiving the "A Message from your patients via Text" email. Some patients, after replying “yes” to a confirmation reminder text, received a text stating, "Your message could not be processed and was not delivered successfully. Please contact your office directly. TextSTOPoptout". This has been resolved.

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