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September Product News

Posted on Sep 16, 2019 by Ladd Gillman

    This month in Product News we a few updates with SR Intake and SR Conversations that we know you're going love. 

    SR Intake 

    As you may already know, SR Intake gives your office the ability to send digital check-in forms to patients through text or email. So patients can complete the forms before they even step into the office.

    But what if they fail to complete the form before their appointment? You don’t wanna go back to the old clipboard. SR Intake now allows you to simply generate a QR code which you or the patient can scan with a phone or tablet to pull up their intake form. That way patients can complete the digital forms even in the office.

    To generate the QR code, simply navigate to either the Action list, Schedule, or Patient Profile and click on the “Send Intake Forms” button. 

    Then click “Generate QR code” and press “send”. The code will then appear on the screen so it can be scanned by either by a tablet or phone provided by your office or the patient.

    Scan QR code

    Once the code has been scanned, it will prompt you to enter a PIN, which is listed below the QR code. After entering the PIN the patient can then complete and submit the check-in forms.

    But wait, that’s not the only update with SR Intake. Now when an SR Intake request is sent through SR Conversations and completed by the patient, a badge will appear next to the Intake request message to alert you that it was filled out. This badge will link to the PDF file of the patient's form.

    SR Conversations

    For those of you with SR Conversations, you now have the option to receive appointment confirmation notifications via email. This can help your office easily track all confirmation responses in one place. 

    To turn this feature on, navigate to the Conversations Settings page in the Platform and toggle on the “Receive Confirmation Email” option. 

    That’s it for this edition of Product News. Leave a comment and tell us which update you’re most excited about. See you next time!


    Ladd Gillman

    Ladd Gillman

    Bachelors of Science in Business Management and minor in Marketing from Utah Valley University. Currently an MBA candidate at UVU. The Associate Product Marketing Manager at Solutionreach Inc.

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