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September Product Updates Vs. Smoothie Challenge

Posted on Sep 19, 2018 by Nicole Grosskopf

    Watch the video above to learn the latest product updates from Solutionreach.

    Mobile SRC

    We are excited to announce that we now have a mobile application for SR Conversations. SR Conversation helps you to have real-time text conversations with your patients, and the app makes it easier to stay connected.

    The SR Conversations mobile app syncs instantly with your SR Conversations desktop application so you can seamlessly transition between the two platforms. Through the app you can:

    • Send text messages to patients from your office’s landline phone number
    • Send templated messages
    • Archive/flag messages
    • Collect and save HIPAA consent
    • Check patient information

    The app is available today. Just search for "SR Conversations" or “Solutionreach” in the Apple App Store to download.

    For more information and instructions on how to use the app, click here.


    Welcome, SyncAssure, our newest sync processor that is changing the game!

    We’ve seen firsthand how sync processing for thousands of clients at one time can bog down a system. No more. SyncAssure is built to be scalable, reliable, and perform at a whole new level.

    Why should you be excited?

    • SyncAssure will make sure that your patient communications are running like a well-oiled machine. Patients are receiving reminders and other key messages, appointments are being kept, and that appointment revenue keeps flowing into your practice.
    • It’s built to support your growth. No matter how you’re growing—extended hours, new providers, additional patients—SyncAssure takes it all in stride and keeps pumping out powerful patient communication. Grow away!

    For more information on SyncAssure, click here.

    Connect SR Schedule & SR Conversations to Your Google Profile

    Did you know you can link SR Conversations and SR Schedule to your public Google profile?

    When you connect SR Conversations, patients will be able to text your practice directly from their Google search results. This makes it easier for them to connect with you whether they are on their computer or their phone.

    Similarly, when you connect SR Schedule to your Google profile, they will be able to request an appointment right then and there, without having to look for your website.

    For questions or help getting set up, please contact a customer support rep at 866-605-6867.

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