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4 Important Updates to SR Smart Reviews

Posted on Apr 30, 2018 by Jeff Larsen

    SR Smart Reviews is an innovative product which increases the number of positive reviews left on third-party review sites like Google and Facebook. Click here to learn more about SR Smart Reviews if this product is not already in use at your office!

    Earlier this month, Google updated their review guidelines by saying, “Don’t discourage or prohibit negative reviews or selectively solicit positive reviews from customers.” Although Google did not mention Smart Reviews specifically or contact Solutionreach directly, we got the message loud and clear. We will make small changes to our Smart Review product to stay compliant with the new Google policy.

    The new version of SR Smart Reviews will have the following workflow. Only the bolded portion of step four has been changed to stay compliant with the updated Google policy.

    1. SR Smart Reviews will send a text message to your patients after their appointment.Text2. After clicking the link in the text message, the patient will be asked, “How likely is it that you would recommend this practice to a friend or colleague?” The patient’s experience within SR Smart Reviews will change based on how they answer this question. image13. Patients who are happy with your practice will be asked to leave a public review on either Google or Facebook. image24. Patients who are unhappy with your practice will be asked to leave non-public feedback, which will be sent to you via email and not posted online. This screen now also includes a link to your Google and Facebook pages as mandated by the new Google policy. 


    As shown, the updated version of SR Smart Reviews will not prohibit unhappy patients from accessing your Google or Facebook page. Is this a terrible thing? We don’t think so. In fact, a recent study found that modern consumers distrust businesses that have only five-star reviews. Negative reviews on your profile will add the authenticity potential patients crave.What should you do if your practice receives a negative review online? We recommend you reply publicly to the patient to apologize and if possible rectify the situation. Potential patients will see your reply and recognize that you genuinely do care about your patients and their wellbeing. You can indeed turn a negative online review into a positive example of your care.

    SR Smart Reviews is a valuable tool for any successful practice. Please remember that you can visit the SR Community any time to learn more about SR Smart Reviews or our other great software products.
    Jeff Larsen

    Jeff Larsen

    Jeff Larsen is the product marketing manager at Solutionreach

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