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3 Ways to Satisfy Communication Needs Now on Health IT Outcomes

Posted on Feb 27, 2019 by Solutionreach

Jim Higgins on Health IT OutcomesJim Higgins latest contribution to Health IT Outcomes looks at the types of communications that can benefit both patients and providers. If you've ever wondered just how much (and what types) of communication patients want from you, this article lays it out.


"In general, we can break down the types of communication patients want into three major categories: preventative communication, disease management, and billing information," says Higgins in the article. "And while each of these topics should be addressed during on-site visits, it is very important to make sure that you are providing information on each of these categories between visits as well. In fact, research has shown that doing so can result in better care outcomes and, ultimately, higher patient satisfaction rates."

For an in-depth look at each of these categories, along with some of the specific types of messages you can send, read the full article on Health IT Outcomes.