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5 Ways to Reduce No-Shows Now on Health IT Outcomes

Posted on Dec 12, 2019 by Solutionreach

reduce patient no shows Health IT OutcomesA new article on Health IT Outcomes from Jim Higgins, founder and CEO of Solutionreach, looks at the best ways to make sure patients show up for their appointments.

"Everyone hates it when patients fail to show up to their appointment. It throws off the schedule and hurts the bottom line," according to the article. "But have you ever stopped to think about what the average no-show rate is for your specialty? Or what your no-show rate is in comparison? There can be quite a variation, but patient no-show rates typically range anywhere from five percent to 30 percent or more."

Higgins goes on to provide the average no-show rate for many specialties along with the financial impact that can have on healthcare organizations. He goes on to look at several best practice recommendations to reduce no-shows and make sure patients show up for their scheduled appointments.

To find out more about what those recommendations are in the full article on Health IT Outcomes.