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CareCredit Edition of Solutionreach

Posted on Nov 29, 2010 by Solutionreach

COSTA MESA, CALIF., NOVEMBER 2010 — CareCredit, the nation’s leading family healthcare card, and Solutionreach, a leader in patient communication and interaction solutions for healthcare providers, have created the CareCredit Edition of Solutionreach, helping practices that offer CareCredit enhance and streamline their patient communications.

Solutionreach, the pioneer in electronic messaging to patients, is a program healthcare providers can use to consistently and privately communicate with patients, helping enhance patient retention and loyalty. The Solutionreach program features a range of personalized, opt-in patient communications, including text and email appointment reminders, thank-you notes, patient surveys, and newsletters.

“Increasingly, healthcare practices recognize the value of communicating with patients electronically, through email or text. For many patients this is the easiest way for them to receive information and to be able to respond,” explains Mark Olson, vice president of Business Development, Solutionreach.

The CareCredit Edition of Solutionreach enables practice teams to inform patients about their payment options. Plus, patients can apply for financing before their appointment, making it easier for them to accept recommended care. The CareCredit Edition of Solutionreach also helps practices privately and securely communicate with patients who have incomplete treatment and who already have CareCredit as a financial resource about scheduling a return visit to complete the care they need.

“Our goal is to help more patients get the treatment and procedures they need,” said Cindy Hearn, senior vice president of Marketing, CareCredit. “The CareCredit Edition of Solutionreach makes it easier and more convenient for patients to access care, providing text and email communications that help reduce missed appointments, scheduling gaps and foster long-term patient loyalty and satisfaction.”

To learn more about the new CareCredit Edition of Solutionreach, go to http://www.carecredit.com/solutionreach.


Being the first to incorporate text-to-cell phone messaging capability into a communication, the patent-pending Solutionreach platform technology enables medical practices to not only text message, but send personalized emails, E-surveys, birthday/holiday greetings, and recare/recall reminders to patients.


For more than 20 years, CareCredit, the nation’s leading family healthcare card, has provided payment options for patients to get the dentistry they need. Today, CareCredit is at work in more than 130,000 healthcare practices and has been used by over 20 million patients. For more information on CareCredit, call 800-300-3046 or visit http://www.carecredit.com. For questions regarding the CareCredit Edition of Solutionreach, contact Solutionreach at 866-605-6867.