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Do your patients stay active patients? (Part 1 of 2)

Posted on Mar 05, 2014 by Solutionreach

Posted on the HOYA Company Blog

Guest Contributor: Amy LaVange

Maximizing your revenue by reactivating patients that you already have is much easier than attempting to fill your schedule with new ones. By incorporating patient education efforts into your recall plan, patient reactivation also becomes the most effective way to maintain a thriving practice.

Engaging vision patients by providing information that is specific to their unique concerns or interests has many benefits, and a successful patient recall plan is just one of them.

How Does Patient Education Affect Patient Recall?

First, it instills loyalty and trust – you care. Patients are very often hesitant to ask questions when meeting with their provider. By being the educator you become the resource they look to and trust, encouraging discussion and enhancing the doctor-patient relationship.  Patients who have relationships with their providers are much less likely to switch to a new one – even when distance, insurance or cost comes into play.

Education outreach maintains communication – they expect to hear from you, because they have been receiving valuable – relationship maintaining – information since the last time they saw you. Later, when you let them know that it’s time to schedule an annual appointment, they see it as a gentle reminder instead of a sudden solicitation after 10 months of radio silence.

Patient education also increases engagement – they don’t forget that they need you. By providing information that correlates to their vision care, they are thinking about their eyes.

Topics, Topics, Topics

Patients everywhere have turned into professional researchers – we love being able to diagnose our own problems, learn about our options, and carry this information in with us when we visit our provider. Bring the information to them! Here are some ideas:

Vision and Eye Education

“How Does the Eye Work?”
“Stages of Infant Vision Development”
“What Causes Double Vision?”

Vision Health Maintenance Topics

“Help Your Child’s Vision Development”
“How to Protect Your Eyes during Sports”
“Good Nutrition for Healthy Eyes”

Common Questions

“Is it Time for Reading Glasses?”
“Is Your Child Ready for Contact Lenses?”
“Help – the Neighbor Has Pinkeye!”

Symptoms and Conditions

“Symptoms of Glaucoma”
“Signs of Eye and Vision Problems”
“Headaches and Vision Problems”

Treatments and Procedures

“LASIK 101”
“How Do You Treat Lazy Eye?”
“Glaucoma and GDx Testing”

Featured Products
          “HOYA Lenses – Why the Hype?”
          “Prescription Sunglasses?”
          “UV Protection from Contact Lenses”

The topics listed here are sample topics from the library of pre-written articles that Solutionreach provides for their customers to use with their customizable newsletters, which is just one of the automated patient communication tools included in the Solutionreach platform.

Next week we will post Part 2 of this article that will have practical tips and advice for maintaining excellent patient recall through your patient newsletter!

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