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Don't Miss How PRM Will Help Caregivers on Inside Digital Health

Posted on Oct 23, 2019 by Solutionreach

In his latest article in Inside Digital Health, Jim Higgins, founder and CEO at Solutionreach, looks at how healthcare organizations can use patient relationship management (PRM) tools to help caregivers as well as patients.

patient relationship management for caregivers

In the article, Higgins explains the problem faced by caregivers, "Today, 54 million Americans are living in multigenerational households, according to Pew Research. Caring for parents and children is a big job and many feel there isn’t another choice. One study showed that nearly half of Gen Xers felt that they had no choice when it came to caregiving. In addition, there is the added burden of the time it takes. The study also showed that, for those providing care, usually to a parent, they might be doing so for as many as eight hours a day."

Higgins goes on to discuss how PRM tools can be used to save caregivers time and provide more convenience. To find out more about his suggestions, read the full article on Inside Digital Health.