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HISTalk Interviews Jim Higgins, CEO, Solutionreach

Posted on Mar 21, 2017 by Solutionreach
HISTalk, a well-regarded site for health IT news and opinions, recently interviewed Solutionreach CEO Jim Higgins. In the interview they discussed how Jim started Solutionreach and his vision for the future of patient relationship management. Jim shared his personal story and his predictions, saying, "When I think about healthcare and the experience that we have, both on the provider side and the patient side, I’m pretty sure I know how the movie ends. I think I can see in the future and I think everybody can envision it in 25 years or 50 years. We’re going to have accessibility and it’s going to be almost immediate. We can all picture how much better it will be, but you have to do something now to get there." Read the full interview.