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Latest From the PRM Pro Looks at AI Now on HISTalk

Posted on Feb 21, 2018 by Solutionreach

The future of healthcare is a virtually ubiqitous topic these days. How we will address cost and quality? What solutions will have the biggest impact? AI, 3D printing, precision medicine? In his latest HISTalk post, Jim Higgins weighs in with his thoughts about the potential impact of AI on healthcare. According to Jim, "AI is an incredible tool to help meet the evolving complexity of healthcare and needs of modern patients. Despite all the hype, AI will not replace physicians, but instead enhance the quality of care offered by them." And, "While AI itself may not directly threaten a doctor’s job, experts warn that physicians who take advantage of AI will eventually place physicians without AI technology at a significant disadvantage."

Find out how Jim thinks AI will ultimately change healthcare in the full article now on HISTalk Practice.