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Mom Can I Text My Doctor Now on HIT Outcomes

Posted on Jul 01, 2019 by Solutionreach

PRM for young patientsIn a new article on Health IT Outcomes, Jim Higgins, founder and CEO of Solutionreach, talks about how practices can appeal to younger caregivers who may have different preferences than those they care for.

"So, what do caretakers want when it comes to support in their important role?," asks Higgins. "They need more time. The majority of caregivers work full-time while also spending an average of 20 hours each week taking care of a loved one. Obviously, finding ways to cut back on this time-burden would be huge. Fortunately, healthcare organizations can do just that through the use of technology. In this day and age, children of aging parents are at least familiar with, if not experts in, communicating digitally. Using technology is an important way to save caregivers time and energy."

Read more about the solutions he thinks can help in the full article in Health IT Outcomes.