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Now on Forbes: Sometimes A CEO Needs To Throw Spaghetti At Walls

Posted on Jan 16, 2018 by Solutionreach
Solutionreach CEO Jim Higgins's new post on Forbes looks at why it is important for a CEO to get and stay involved in the product planning process. He discusses the importance of having balance as a CEO and not focusin entirely on metrics. "It’s certainly essential to be metrics-driven in running a business, but running one on spreadsheets alone is a formula for failure," he says. He goes on to say, "One way to achieve the right balance is by engaging in the product roadmap early and often." Doing so can help with inspiration both as CEO and by the CEO, influence of the CEO across the company, and in staying focused on the company's vision. Read the full article for Jim's insights on why a CEo needs to throw spaghetti at the walls.
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