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Read How the 3-3-3 Approach Revolutionizes Confirmations on HIT Outcomes

Posted on Jun 17, 2019 by Solutionreach

375_250-calendarEvery time a patient misses an appointment it has an impact on them, other patients, and the practice. Stemming the tide of no-shows is crtitical to being successful. In his latest contribution to Health IT Outcomes, Jim Higgins, founder and CEO of Solutionreach, looks at new research on how to improve the appointment confirmation rate.

"The frequency and timing of your appointment reminders can have a big impact on their effectiveness," explains Higgins. "But, until now, healthcare organizations have simply had to use their best guess to determine when and how often reminders should be sent."

To find out what the new data says about optimal timing for automated reminders, read the full article.