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Read Using AI to Streamline Admin Tasks on Dental Economics

Posted on Feb 13, 2020 by Solutionreach

"A majority of dental practices should at least be thinking about how artificial intelligence (AI) might affect their businesses during the next couple of years."

AI for dental practivces

This is the intro to a new article on Dental Econiomics from Solutionreach chief product officer, Nagi Prabhu. And, it's true. All healthcare organizations, in any specialty, should be thinking about the role AI will play in improving patient experience and relieving the burdrn on staff in the next few years.

The article went on to say, "According to a health services innovation company, 94% of survey respondents agree that AI is the most reliable path toward equitable, accessible, and affordable health care, and almost as many believe there will be a return on investment for the technology."

Prabhu then discussed the ways in which AI will likely play role like improving SMS text, analysis of dat,a and predicting patient behavior. To learn more, read the full article in Dental Economics.