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Solutionreach and Singular Payments Partner to Offer More Affordable Credit Processing

Posted on Feb 18, 2015 by Solutionreach

February 18, 2015, /PRNewswire/
LEHI, UT: With the partnership announced today, new or existing Solutionreach customers can begin using Singular Payments to accept in-office payments from patients at an exclusively discounted flat-rate.

Solutionreach is a platform of cloud-based solutions that help healthcare providers and their staff more effectively engage and communicate with their patients. Among the features of the Solutionreach service are an online patient portal and a mobile patient application.

Singular Payments is the credit processing service Solutionreach uses to enable practices to accept online or mobile payments from their patients via the portal and mobile application. Like Solutionreach, Singular Payments offers a flat-rate service, so customers aren’t left with extra fees or a payment that varies from month to month.

“The decision to select Singular Payments was ultimately due to a similar business model,” says Jim Higgins, founder & CEO of Solutionreach. “Singular Payments shares our fundamental belief that customers deserve transparency.”

Solutionreach customers began to show interest in using Singular Payments for their in-office collections as well as the mobile and online processing, recognizing that it would further simplify their payments and invoicing. Additionally, the flat-rate offered by Singular Payments had the potential to dramatically decrease their overhead.

In addition to the discounted mobile and online processing rates already offered to Solutionreach customers, today’s partnership provides current and future Solutionreach customers the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive rate for in-office card acceptance as well.

“We are committed to providing healthcare practices with transparent solutions for increasing efficiency and profitability,” says Higgins. “By partnering with Singular Payments, we are able to give our customers another way of meeting these goals. We are excited to partner with a company that shares our dedication to helping practices achieve success. “

“We share very similar business philosophies with the folks at Solutionreach, which is an important factor when making decisions regarding partnerships,” says Vaden Landers, Chairman & Managing Partner of Singular Payments. “We both recognize the importance of transparency in our client interactions, and believe that we have to streamline and simplify the way our customers are able to do business in order to maintain those relationships over the long term.”

The two companies will showcase the partnership during their presence at the Midwinter Meeting in Chicago February 26-28. Providers that sign up for the Singular Payments service during the show will be entered into a drawing to receive a free credit card processing device when they elect to take advantage of the exclusively discounted option for in-office payment collection.

To learn more about the partnership and the Solutionreach service, visit www.solutionreach.com/singular

About Solutionreach
Solutionreach is dedicated to eliminating the communication gap between healthcare providers and their patients by striving to significantly impact the industry with a high-tech, innovative, and interactive platform. By offering multiple avenues for effective patient engagement, they aim to assist healthcare providers in improving their practice’s productivity and profitability. Learn more at www.solutionreach.com.

About Singular
Singular Payments is a leading provider of electronic payment solutions within the Dental, Veterinary, Optometry, Medical, Specialty Retail, Utility & other Electronic Bill Pay verticals. Singular Payments currently processes nearly $1 billion in annual sales for business owners all across the country. The company prides itself on being one of the most highly recommended and endorsed merchant services providers in the industry today. For more information, call Singular Payments at 877-829-2170, or visit www.SingularPayments.com.