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Solutionreach Secrets, Part 1

Posted on Sep 20, 2013 by Solutionreach

By Xaña Winans, President of GPM


We know there are a lot of electronic appointment reminder systems out there - we just happen to be a big fan of Solutionreach. So this month’s newsletter is full of ideas on how to get more out of the service you’re already paying for.

You know what a great tool it is for reminding your patients about appointments. But if that’s all you’re using it for, you are missing out on a world of opportunity to retain, reactivate and acquire new patients!

Every single quarter of the year, the team at Solutionreach adds yet another feature to their software, and these features are all included in your regular monthly fee! In fact, Solutionreach offers so many services, it’s going to take us two newsletters to highlight all your options!

What else can I do with Solutionreach beyond Appointment Reminders?

Recare Reminders - Every practice has patients who haven’t been in for a while. Inactive patients slow down your hygiene department, which ultimately impacts the restorative schedule. Reactivate lost and inactive patients by automatically reminding them if they haven’t rescheduled their regular appointment. Include a special reactivation offer to sweeten the message. This simple nudge can be all your “lost” patient needs to come back.

New Patient Referrals - Your own patient base is your best resource for new patients. With this service, Solutionreach will include a link for customer referrals in every appointment reminder and/or newsletter, or any other email you send out! You will be able to track these referrals electronically so you can thank any patient who sends a referral to your practice.

E-Newsletters - A regular e-newsletter allows you to stay in front of your patients, educating them on conditions, treatments, products, procedures, the latest news from your office, special offers and more! Why pay to design, print and mail a paper newsletter when Solutionreach offers a large database of articles from which you can choose - or you can submit your own original content. They’ll even design a custom masthead for you to match your brand.

Custom Promotions - Have you added a new technology like CEREC or Vizilite? Have you just introduced sleep apnea treatment to the practice? It can take 1-2 years to see all the patients in your practice and tell them about these changes in person. Why wait? Instead, send a custom email promoting the new service, with a special offer just for existing patients. You can also announce special events, send holiday greetings and more!

Surveys - Your patients hold a wealth of valuable information. Solutionreach can generate surveys that enable you to find out what your patients like, what they expect, dental services they are interested in, and more! Use this information to keep patients happy (and even generate referrals)! Don’t feel limited by the standard survey - these surveys can be custom written and designed so that you can cherry-pick exactly what information you want from your patients.

Better yet, the survey results are posted on a free microsite for you. With a little help from your web programmer, you can add that review “feed” to your website so patients can see all the positive things existing patients are saying about your practice.


Review Feed Sample

Birthday Wishes - Hopefully everyone is sending electronic birthday greetings to their patient database. But wouldn’t you be more memorable by adding a very special message? Add a “birthday surprise” to your e-card by recording a special video that helps celebrate your patient’s birthday. I guarantee people will talk this up! Here’s a sample:


Birthday Wish Sample 1
Birthday Wish Sample 2


Again, if you’re not using Solutionreach for all of these amazing services, you’re not getting the most out of your monthly investment! Simply call your Client Success Representative and ask how to put these tools to work for you. Tell them GPM sent you!


Xaña Winans

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