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Solutionreach Introduces New “Glasses Ready” Feature to Vision Care Industry

Posted on Jan 11, 2010 by Solutionreach

The comprehensive patient communication service, Solutionreach, is introducing a new “Glasses Ready” feature to help vision care professionals save time, save money and eliminate the need to contact each patient individually to let them know their eyewear is ready for pick-up.

This new feature produces an automated message from the practice when a patient’s eyewear is ready for pick-up. Patients are alerted via e-mail, text message, or both, that their new eyewear is ready for pick-up at their convenience. The launch of this new vision care tool marks yet another innovative contribution Solutionreach is making to improve the overall practice-patient experience.

“This new feature is a quick response to a need identified by some of our customers,” said Mark Olson, the Vice President of Solutionreach Marketing and Business Development. “We are always pushing our technology to provide services that help vision care professionals save time, generate revenue, and increase patient loyalty. The new “Glasses Ready” feature by Solutionreach is just one more way in which we continually support our customers needs.”

The standard features offered through the Solutionreach communication platform allow offices to simplify their daily routine and strengthen doctor-patient relationships through services such as: automated appointment reminders and confirmations, last minute appointment openings announcements, e-newsletters, e-surveys, custom promotions, patient recall/recare, patient referrals, and a new suite of tools that take advantage of web 2.0 opportunities.

Like other tools found within the Solutionreach platform, the new “Glasses Ready” feature ultimately provides an office staff with extra time to handle more important business by eliminating the commitment associated with making numerous notification calls.