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The Solutionreach Recare Program Helps Private Dental Practices Counteract Economic Slump

Posted on Aug 04, 2009 by Solutionreach

Patient Messaging Software Helps Dental Professionals Reactivate Lost Patients

The recent economic downturn has proven that no industry is immune to instability, and the dental industry is no exception – dental practices nationwide have experienced a 5 percent decline or greater in production revenues last year. Fortunately, comprehensive patient communication service Solutionreach is providing dental professionals with much-needed help keep current patients happy, attract new patients and even reactivate lost patients through its electronic “recare” feature.

the Solutionreach patient messaging software system provides a secure and effective way for doctors, dentists and dental professionals to directly communicate with patients by automatically sending personalized, real-time SMS and email messages. Generating over $100 million per year through its recare feature (reminders to patients that they are due for some type of continuing care appointment) alone, Solutionreach helps reactivate lost patients and retain existing ones.

Just one of many features on the Solutionreach platform, the recare program allows practices to routinely notify patients that an appointment is due or overdue. In addition,Solutionreach, which integrates seamlessly with the practice management software, automatically sifts through patients who have not had a follow up appointment in the last six months and begins sending recare messages. The feature then graphs actual revenue generated by recare messages to track immediate return on investment.

“[With the Solutionreach recare system] we receive an immediate response from patients, either by an appointment request through e-mail or by a phone call to request an appointment, which has led to approximately $5000 a month in increased production through our hygiene department and at least $10,000 a month with our doctors,” remarks Caite Glidewell, Scheduling Coordinator of Chicago’s Watertower Dental Care. “Solutionreach allows us to maximize the reminders to patients, while minimizing the amount of time that process takes.”

The Solutionreach platform’s customized message settings are based on individual preferences, permitting tailored messages, images and practice-specific branding to be used. This patent-pending communications tool helps to streamline efficiencies while building patient loyalty.