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Fill Last Minute Cancellations
with ASAP Messaging

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ASAP Messaging from Solutionreach

Stop Calling Your Wait-List
Stop Calling Your Wait-List

How do you fill last minute cancellations?

Our goal is to provide a solution for whatever obstacle stands in your way of maximum efficiency and profitability, and we have learned that most practices lose significant amounts of time and money on last minute cancellations.

That’s why we created the ASAP messaging feature.

How Does ASAP Messaging Work
How Does ASAP Messaging Work?

When a patient calls to cancel his/her appointment, you probably go straight to a cancellation or recall list and begin making phone call after phone call until you fill the open slot. ASAP Messaging from Solutionreach changes that.

If your practice management software stores a wait list, Solutionreach can automatically build an "ASAP" group within your Solutionreach platform. When a cancellation occurs, you can select the group to automatically send an email or text message to those patients with the date and time for the now-available appointment. The notification encourages patients to call ASAP to grab the open slot in your schedule.

The Results are Amazing
The Results are Amazing

All you do is sit back and wait for patients to call you. Practices have told us that they have been astounded by how quickly and effectively ASAP messaging fills the gaps in their schedule.

Customer testamonial
Last minute openings can be filled using the list of patients requesting appointments. It is a snap to message 40 patients in just a few minutes!"
~ Linda Royalty, Business Manager at Drs. Gary Waitemath, Karen Keenan, and K.B. Parkes

Immediate Benefits of ASAP Messaging

Office Efficiency
Office Efficiency

Solutionreach acts as your personal secretary! We know you have plenty of responsibilities to keep you busy, some more productive than others. By eliminating the need to spend valuable time calling patients to fill cancelled appointments, you will free up time to tend to other important tasks like new patient acquisition, improving your online reputation, reviewing valuable feedback from patient surveys, or creating e-newsletters to improve patient education.

Increased Revenue
Increased Revenue

An empty appointment means lost revenue, but taking the time to fill it can be nearly impossible--especially on a busy day. ASAP messaging is an easy, effective remedy for ensuring that you don’t miss out on the revenue that keeps you in business.

Patient Experience
Patient Experience

The ASAP feature sends the message that you care, improving patient experience and engagement.

Making your patients feel important when they walk in the door is hard to do if you are constantly on the phone trying to schedule appointments. ASAP messaging gives you more free time to visit and create a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.

Patients that want to get in quickly will appreciate the opportunity to conveniently grab the last minute opening.

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