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When Disaster Strikes
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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

With the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, we are reminded of how crucial it is for medical offices to maintain a working plan for disaster recovery. Catastrophic events carry grave danger to the safety of your data, but even small events like power outages or damaged equipment can pose a threat for your information. Remote data protection from Solutionreach allows you to rest assured that, even in the face of natural disaster, all will not be lost.

As part of Solutionreach’s prerogative to assist practices in all areas of office management and engagement, we created Disaster Recovery so there is one less thing to worry about when disaster strikes. The service works by automatically backing up your office data several times each day and storing that information in our secured, state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar HIPAA compliant facility that is both PCI and SAS 70 compliant. By regularly pulling data from your system and providing secure off-site storage, Solutionreach is able to not only recover lost patient information and schedules, but we are also able to keep practice-to-patient communication afloat, no matter the crisis.

Big or small, setbacks due to unforeseen events may not only be costly to a practice, but also damaging to patients. Implementing a secure and streamlined disaster recovery service ensures your lines of communication are never severed. Our dedicated team will work diligently to make sure your office is back and running as quickly as possible and will make certain no engagement is lost in the meantime.

Click below for an example of how Solutionreach steps in when disaster strikes:

Why Dr. Michael Masella Credits Solutionreach for Saving His Practice

Customer testimonial
I just wanted to tell you how much SOLUTIONREACH ROCKS!!! Our computer system has been down for two days! We had no idea who was scheduled. I was able to get into Smile Reminders from my home computer and was able to print out our entire day plus next week!
~ Kris Strecker, Perfect Smiles Dental Care