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The right message is NOW from the right PROVIDER!

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Multi-Provider / Multi-Location Multi-Provider / Multi-Location

Multi-Provider / Multi-Location

The right message, to the right patient, at the right time, is NOW from the right PROVIDER!

The features available with our Multiple-Provider/Multiple-Location take personalized messaging to a whole new level!

Through our Advanced Personalization technology, patients are intuitively matched to the right provider and the right location, enabling your patient communication to be customized with the highest level of personalization and clarity.

If your practice has more than one provider in one or more locations, we now offer the ability to customize your communication to meet the needs of each provider. You also have the ability to specify your patient's provider and location within your messages.

Personalized and Customized Communication
Personalized and Customized Communication

You can quickly create customized groups of patients according to age, gender, or pertinent health information. Newsletters, marketing, education, and targeted care campaigns can be taken to a new level. Your patient communication will be more personalized than ever before, promoting closer one-to-one relationships.

Location Specific
Location Specific

Whether you have multiple providers practicing in one office or working across multiple locations, each patient can automatically be contacted by the correct provider with a message that specifies the practice location they visit. Now you will ensure that the right patient gets to the right provider – at the right place!

Patient-Provider Connection
Patient-Provider Connection

We understand that the patient-provider relationships must be cultivated and maintained all throughout the care continuum. Our Advanced Personalization technology allows each provider to personalize communication with their own patient base to strengthen the patient-provider connection.

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Your practice just got (more) personal.