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Solution: Patient Reactivation
Rekindling Patient Relationships

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Patient Reactivation Patient Reactivation
Patient Reactivation

You’ve heard that it’s far less costly to keep existing patients than acquire new ones, but what about the patients you once had? Once they fall off the radar, how do you bring them back?

Solutionreach provides you with the critical engagement tools that keep current patients happy and the marketing tools to attract new patients, but we also provide you with the things you need to reactivate the lost ones.

You can bring patients back. Here are some of the patient reactivation tools that we equip you with to do it effectively and efficiently.

Customer Testimonial
Our recall patients have increased from 80 a month, back when we were manually calling patients, up to 125 a month [64% increase] with no phone calls from us. This frees up time for the front office to work on other things.
~ Ryan Campbell, Regional Office Manager

Solutionreach Tools for Reactivating Patients:

Automated Recare and Recall

Automated Recare and Recall

Our electronic recare/recall will automatically message patients when they are due for their continuing care date, but it will also routinely message them after they have missed that date. Our recare will even track the success right within your Solutionreach dashboard, so you know how many patients you are seeing due to the automated messages.


Custom Messaging Custom Messaging

Custom Messaging

The Solutionreach messaging system also has custom marketing features. Many Solutionreach clients use these to announce new products or services, send seasonal promotions, announce special product days, inform patients of new certifications the doctor has earned, or simply to wish their patients a Happy Holiday.

Custom marketing messages can be sent to eligible patients as often as you want, via email, text or both. Solutionaries on the Client Success team are always ready to help you learn how to best use these helpful features.


Electronic Newsletters Electronic Newsletters

Electronic Newsletters

Providing your patients with education on topics that are pertinent to them is a critical part of patient engagement, which is a critical part of ensuring that your patients don’t forget about you – even when they aren’t coming in as often as they should be.

Newsletters are also a great way to educate patients on the products and services you offer. They can be very effective in motivating patient inquiries and increasing revenue.

Solutionreach enables your practice to customize and send your own e-newsletter quickly and easily. You can use your own graphics and content or choose from a library of pre-written articles and graphics. As always, you have unlimited live customer support to help create the perfect newsletter.



Check out the SR Newsletter Library video.

Social Media

Social Media

Nearly all of your patients – the old, the new, and the lost – can be found on social media, which makes it a perfect place to remind them who you are, engage them with information that will benefit them, offer special promotions, explain your services, and make it very simple to request an appointment.

Our integrated social media tools provide you with the ability to use social media to your advantage, establishing, maintaining and optimizing your relationships and your practice marketing – without making it look like marketing!