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Automated Patient Surveys
Create Patient Centered Practices with Patient Focused Surveys

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Automated Surveys
Automated Surveys

To have a patient-centric practice, you have to know your patients.

Customizable, automated or on-demand Patient Surveys from Solutionreach are the best tool available to get the feedback you need, solidify patient relationships, and improve your practice.

We know that the relationships you have with your patients are the essence of your practice. For that reason, Solutionreach allows every provider to create customized surveys that reflect the things they want to know from their patients, cultivating greater loyalty and individual connections.

Ask yourself these four questions:

1. Do you know how your patients feel about you, your office, and your staff?

3. Are you responding to negative experiences before your patients are broadcasting their complaints online?

2. Do you know what is most important to your patients?

4. Are you collecting patient testimonials for use on your website or social media outreach?

If the answer to any of the above questions is anything but a resounding "Yes!" surveys from Solutionreach will be one of your most valuable tools for improving your practice and patient relationships. Of course, all the features are included with the platform, along with revolutionary service from dedicated representatives to ensure that you’re gathering the right information for your unique practice.

Finally a consistent and effective way to track, measure and respond to the level of patient satisfaction in your practice.

Customer testimonial
We had paper surveys for patients to complete and very rarely did we get any response back... now that we have Solutionreach sending surveys out we have a GREAT response. We couldn't be happier!
~ Taylor Family Dentistry

Here’s How It Works

Creating and Sending
Creating and Sending

All surveys are sent via email to patients based on configurable message settings including; automatically after each appointment or manually when you choose to send them. These customizable surveys can be created from scratch using your own questions or you use our pre-made options.

Practices can easily create and send custom patient surveys to their entire patient base to gauge interest in new products and services, to obtain feedback regarding practice polices or procedures, and much more.


Real-time, dashboard survey results are available as soon as your patients start responding to your surveys. Trending reports enable you to track practice performance over time.

Survey Smart Alert
Survey Smart Alert

The Smart Alert feature enables practices to receive alert emails when a patient selects a particular answer. For instance, if a patient selects that they were not satisfied with their visit, the practice can receive an alert and then contact the patient to resolve any issues. Practices can specify which answers will trigger alerts and which staff members will be notified. Many times patients who've had a concern resolved are MORE loyal than those who've never had a concern.

Start collecting valuable information today with Solutionreach patient surveys. Always included, always supported. Schedule a demo with our experts to see the survey feature in action.