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The Road to Effective Reminders

13 Stats on Why Text Should Be Next for Your Practice  NEW


Did you know that patients are ignoring your calls? And they aren't checking voicemail either! If you want your messages to be received, you need to start using text to communicate with patients. Don't believe us? Check out these 13 statistics that prove our point.


Liking Your Doctor Isn't Enough: 4 Reasons Patients Are Leaving Anyway  NEW


A new study from Solutionreach looked at patient satisfaction and switching behavior. What we learned is that 1/3 of patients are leaving, and many are switching because of poor patient experience.


Online Reviews Matter  NEW


Patients Are Using Reviews to Choose Providers.

Online reviews are playing a growing role for patients when they choose a new provider. Watch this short slideshow to see what the role of online reviews is in your practice's success.

10 Surprising Stats on Patient Satisfaction  NEW


Patient satisfaction and experience is growing in importance as patients pay more for their care and it plays a bigger role in payer reimbursement. You might be surprised to see some the latest statistics on patient satisfaction and what patients really want. Find out in this short slide show.

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