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10 Surprising Stats on Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction and experience is growing in importance as patients pay more for their care and it plays a bigger role in payer reimbursement. You might be surprised to see some the latest statistics on patient satisfaction and what patients really want. Find out in this short slide show.


  • Satisfaction Stats_LC.001.jpeg
  • Satisfaction Stats_LC.002.jpeg
  • Satisfaction Stats_LC.003.jpeg
  • Satisfaction Stats_LC.004.jpeg
  • Satisfaction Stats_LC.005.jpeg
  • Satisfaction Stats_LC.006.jpeg
  • Satisfaction Stats_LC.007.jpeg
  • Satisfaction Stats_LC.008.jpeg
  • Satisfaction Stats_LC.009.jpeg
  • Satisfaction Stats_LC.010.jpeg
  • Satisfaction Stats_LC.011.jpeg

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