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Patient Engagement from Solutionreach
Bridging the gap and setting the standard

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Patient Engagement: Making every patient the only patient

There is a gap between healthcare providers and patients. As technology changes the way humans interact with each other, bridging that gap becomes more difficult. Without effective methods of managing patient relationships, the distance only continues to grow.

Solutionreach is revolutionizing the way healthcare providers engage with their patients. Our innovative technology is engineered to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right patient at the right time, so every patient feels like they are your only patient.

Whether a patient needs three appointment reminders or reliable education addressing their specific concern, Solutionreach equips your practice with the tools that make it easy to get them the message that’s right for them, revolutionizing the patient relationship and optimizing the patient experience.

We’re bridging the gap, and we’re setting the standard for the way healthcare providers engage their patients. Our all-inclusive platform has been carefully designed and engineered to provide you with the solutions for achieving total patient engagement. You can learn about the Solutionreach platform here, and see the features we have for revolutionizing healthcare – and your practice.

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Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

"In addition to the tremendous gratitude of our patients, which of course is priceless, in a few short months we have made contact with 150 patients from our past who never would have been contacted if it were not for this program."

-Jenese Miller Office Manager, Treman & Treman DDS PA