Two-Way Texting

Modern patient text messaging

Improve the patient experience and care adherence with real-time, two-way text messaging from your office number or website.

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These aren’t your average text messages

Go beyond a simple SMS. Solutionreach’s real-time, two-way texting gives you all of the tools you need for fast, effective patient communication.

  • Obtain HIPAA consent
  • Answer patient questions
  • Categorize texts by importance
  • Confirm prescriptions
  • Request payments
  • Collect images (insurance info, progress, injuries, etc.)
  • Schedule (or reschedule) patients without picking up the phone
  • View and download complete conversation history
  • Access relevant patient information and view the appointment calendar
  • Text from the desktop or mobile app
  • Start conversations with prospects and patients right from your website
Save time

The average phone call takes 4-8 minutes. The average text message takes 30 seconds.

Improve communication

Patients are 2X more likely to respond to a text message than a phone call.

Schedule more patients

43% of patients would contact a practice more often if they could text them directly.

Learn how to use text messages to cut costs, save time, and boost revenue

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Customer Wins

“We went from 10 percent to five percent no-show rate.”

Lisa Sershen
Chief Digital Officer, Westmed Medical Group

Customer Wins

“It’s super easy, super convenient, and it allows us to communicate with our patients in real time.”

Chrissy Collins
Business Assistant, Smile Design Studios Dentistry

Customer Wins

“Providing our practice with up-to-date communication with our patients through your text messaging system is amazing.”

Cassandra Laramee
Front Office Manager, Arizona Eye Institute

Customer Wins

“It is a time saver. It’s a great way of communication, and the patients love it.”

Lynne G
Patient Coordinator, Bedford Commons OBGYN

Customer Wins

“No, patients don’t want us to call them. Yes, they do want a text.”

Celina Gauthier
Administrative Information Support Specialist, Pediatric Associates of Lewiston

Customer Wins

“I can actually be more direct with patients and not sound like a robot.”

Andrea Bugarini
Roshan Emam DDS

Customer Wins

“We know that the patient will be coming tomorrow, and we don’t have to do the extra work.”

Dr. Rahul Patel
Priti Patel DDS

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