Patient Experience Survey Tool

Keep a pulse on patient satisfaction

Collect valuable feedback from patients quickly with automated patient experience surveys.

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To improve patient experience, you have to ask about patient experience

Discover what patients liked about their patient experience at your practice – and what they didn’t. Then turn those insights into action.

  • Create patient experience surveys specific to your practice.
  • Automatically send surveys while the experience is fresh in patients’ minds.
  • Send patient surveys to specific groups to improve patient relationships and loyalty.
Identify trends

Easily identify positive and negative trends in patient feedback and know where to improve.

Boost patient satisfaction

Let patients know their experience matters. Quickly respond to negative feedback to nurture at-risk patient relationships.

Collect NPS®

Track NPS® in your Solutionreach dashboard to get a single metric for patient satisfaction.

10 sample questions for patient satisfaction surveys

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Customer Wins

“We went from 10 percent to five percent no-show rate.”

Lisa Sershen
Chief Digital Officer, Westmed Medical Group

Customer Wins

“Using the patient surveys, we’re easily able to identify areas that we can improve upon, and then take immediate action on those.”

Lynne G
Patient Coordinator, Bedford Commons OBGYN

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