Automated Outreach and Education Campaigns

Create more branded touchpoints with your patients

Easily send branded newsletters and email campaigns to patient lists using our customizable templates and ready-to-send resources specific to your industry.

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Knowledge is power, especially in healthcare

We all know patient education plays a key role in patient compliance, outcomes, and visits. But many practices don’t have the time or resources to do it well. We give you the tools and automation you need to create high-quality patient education and outreach campaigns without adding to your tech stack.

  • Consolidate your tech stack by handling email marketing in Solutionreach
  • Access our pre-designed, customizable newsletter templates and library of industry-specific articles
  • Deploy automated outreach drip campaigns on your preferred cadence
  • Send targeted educational newsletters to specific patient groups based on patient needs
  • Fill your schedule faster by adding online scheduling and refer a friend buttons to newsletters
  • Review campaign analytics and reporting in Solutionreach to measure success and impact
Boost patient compliance

Help patients stick to their personal care plans with consistent communication between visits.

Improve patient outcomes

Give patients more control over their health with follow-up care instructions, educational content, and more.

Generate more patient visits

Prompt patients to book an appointment with email campaigns promoting new products and services.

5 suggestions to make your patient newsletter sing

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“We have used the newsletters to reach out to inactive patients in hopes of reactivating them and it worked!”

Kelli Biggs
Life Smiles Dental Care Scottsdale

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