Patient Referral Program

Turn happy patients into new referrals

Make it easy for your patients to refer their friends and family to your practice with automatic referral requests.

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Asking for referrals doesn’t have to be awkward

91% of consumers don’t mind sending referrals. But less than 10% of practices actually ask for them. Add the Solutionreach Refer a Friend button to patient emails, texts, newsletters, or surveys to enable new patient referrals in just a few clicks.

Grow your brand awareness

Friend or family referrals build familiarity and trust before patients even step into your office.

Reduce patient acquisition costs

Optimize your practice’s marketing budget by acquiring new patients with zero overhead.

Increase patient loyalty

Promote more engagement within your practice by rewarding successful referrals.

How to ask patients for reviews and referrals without sounding pushy

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“Solutionreach not only freed up our staff to do more hands-on with our patients, it helped us reach our patients. I didn’t realize the capability we were going to have. But all of the notifications our patients receive personalize our office, so they feel connected with us.”

Barb Halonen
College Avenue Vision Clinic

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