Revenue Cycle Messaging ™

Getting paid shouldn’t take this much work

Experience a unified, customizable patient messaging solution that streamlines your payment and insurance workflows from the moment a patient schedules an online appointment to the final patient payment collection.

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No more complex payment workflows or tedious insurance verification

Manual processes will slow revenue and frustrate both patients and staff. The right automation and clear patient communication can turn it around.

Increased revenue
Faster Collections
Lower admin costs
Better patient satisfaction

Introducing the first end-to-end Revenue Cycle MessagingTM Solution

Streamline your payment and collection process, from the moment a patient schedules an online appointment to the final patient payment collection.

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Patient Scheduling and Intake

Patient schedules an appointment online and completes a digital intake form, including insurance information.

Online Patient SchedulingDigital Intake


Insurance Verification

Automatically verify the patient’s insurance eligibility, active benefits, and coverage to prevent billing issues.

Insurance Verification and Eligibility


Treatment Presentation and Acceptance

Communicate relevant treatment details, cost, and expected insurance reimbursement to the patient using secure docs and e-signatures.

Two-Way Texting


Payment Notifications

Send payment notifications via text or email when payment is due.

Payment Notifications and Reminders


Accounts Receivable Management

Easily identify patients with overdue or aging balances and send automated reminders at custom intervals.

Two-Way TextingBatch Messaging


Patient Collections

Automatically post payments and send bills to patients electronically. Patients can pay securely via text, email, or in-office.

Payment Technology

Less time billing means more time with patients

reduction in time spent managing billing*

reduction in time spent on payment collections*

reduction in time spent on payment reconciliations*

Reduction in time spent processing refunds and mailing checks*

*Individual customer results may vary

Accelerate revenue growth with a comprehensive messaging solution

Thoughtfully designed to help healthcare practices and organizations deliver better payment experiences and financial outcomes. 

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“My favorite feature is definitely text to pay. We’re able to send patients messages. It’s coming from what is our office phone number, so people know it’s really us. And they’re very happy to use that feature, and it works well, very well.”

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