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The kind of people who think: ‘There’s got to be a better way’

There are a lot of us – over 400, actually. But we all share the same mission: to transform healthcare through better communication and patient engagement.

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The principles we live by

Team members first

Our primary focus is each other. We care about each other’s personal well-being, careers, and long-term success. We celebrate our wins together. By taking care of each other, we know that our customers will be taken care of as well.

Fearlessly lead and evolve

We lead with courage. We aren’t afraid to make bold decisions to improve the services we provide. We embrace change and evolve quickly. We recognize our mistakes and use them as a tool for growth.

Communicate clearly

We hold ourselves accountable to be honest and transparent. We try to understand others’ perspectives and keep their interests in mind. Everyone has the freedom to share their unfiltered perspectives, and be heard.

Bring our best selves

We strive to bring our best selves every day. The most powerful outcomes are produced when we bring our best selves and help others to do the same. By serving each other and giving our time and resources, we know we can reach our highest level of success.

Meet the team leading the way

We are dedicated to providing our practices with innovative technology, and our teammates with a meaningful mission.

Ken Ernsting


Dhruv Dwivedi

VP of Engineering

Judd Christensen

Chief Financial Officer

John Lowe

VP of Customer Success

Thomas Skinner

General Counsel/VP of People & Culture

Want to solve real-world problems with technology? So do we.

When you work at Solutionreach, you play an important role in the innovation and evolution of healthcare technology. It’s challenging, it’s rewarding, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

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