Digital Patient Intake Management

Help your patients arrive prepared

Automatically send HIPAA-compliant digital forms that patients can fill out anytime, anywhere.

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Intake forms killing your flow? We can help.

Paper intake, apps, and even sign-in portals can cause check-in delays and waiting room pileups. Switch to digital intake with Solutionreach to streamline patient intake management for everyone.

  • Customize intake forms for your practice
  • Automatically send to new patients via email or text message
  • Write-back demographic data to your PM or EHR*

*Automatic write-back available on select practice management systems

Reduce manual effort

Help your front-office team spend more time greeting patients and less time manually entering patient data.

Eliminate form frustration

Improve the patient experience with QR code check-in, mobile-friendly forms, and auto-fill functionality.

Stay on schedule

Automate the check-in process to set your patients, staff, and providers up for schedule success.

See 5 benefits of digital patient forms

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“The setup process was SUPER EASY. I love how customizable the intake packets are since there are so many variables to consider.”

Kristen Landfried
Children’s Dental Care

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