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Retaining Just 5% More Patients Can Boost Profits by 85%

Patient Loyalty Doesn’t Just Happen, You Need the Tools

Even the friendliest, quickest, least expensive practitioner will have trouble retaining patients in today’s hyperactive, ever-moving digital age. You need Solutionreach to help you retain patients. Solutionreach will increase your patient retention rate, exponentially growing your practice forever.

Why is Patient Loyalty Important for You?

You cannot succeed without retaining patients, otherwise you’d rifle through new patients until no more exist nearby.

The average practice loses 50% of its patient base every five years, and it costs 5-10 times as much money to secure a new patient than to retain an existing one. Point is: retaining customers is more beneficial in the short and long run.

How to Build Patient Loyalty

With each new patient, perform the following steps:

  • Preferred Communication. Determine what the new patient’s preferred communication is. Are they a texter? Do they spend all day on their e-mail? Or are they unfamiliar with digital communications? Whatever they prefer, communicate to that patient through that channel. However, do not give them the option of “snail mail” for communication, simply because it costs your office way too much when a phone call would suffice.
  • Initial Contact. Communicate with the patient before their first appointment. Send them an appointment reminder. Inform them of the procedure you’ll be conducting. Welcome them to your practice.
  • Social Media. Invite the new patient to join your practice’s Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • The Visit. Make the patient feel like a best friend when they visit. Patients choose and stay with practices to which they feel a personal connection.
  • Patient Survey. Follow up the first appointment with a thank you message and an invitation to take a satisfaction survey.
  • E-Newsletter. Create your monthly patient e-newsletter with that recently added patient in mind, as if you’re trying to impress that one patient. Tell them all about your practice, offer an exclusive discount, give your take on a trending new procedure. Engage all your patients as if you’re longing for them to come back.
  • Birthday Message. Send them a message on their birthday. Make it seem personal. It’s easy and incredibly effective at turning your patients into loyal fans.
  • Recare. Send appropriate Recare messaging to the patient when the time is right.

What You Use to Build Patient Loyalty

Solutionreach offers fully automated, customizable tools that accomplish all of the above steps to building patient loyalty, except, of course, actually treating the patient (see No. 4).

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