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Capture the Love
...and then spread it around!

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SR Video

Your patients love you. SR Video makes it easy to capture that love and spreads it across the internet.

Virtual YouTube Studio

SR Video is like a virtual YouTube studio in your office. It picks up any video feed on your computer, whether built-in or plugged in, so you can record patients gushing about your practice before they leave the office and add it to your YouTube channel.

Seamlessly Capture and Post

SR Video doesn’t just record the videos. After capturing testimonials, you can seamlessly post the video to your Vlogs (video blog) and video presentations.

Advertise with Your Videos

Use the YouTube link to post your video all over the web, in emails, text messages, and e-newsletters.

Boost Your Search Ranking

Google’s recent purchase of YouTube directly affects your practice. How? Google searches for your specialty, the local practice with a YouTube video will rank higher than the practice without a video.

Spread the love. SR Video is included with the Solutionreach platform, along with every other solution that we have designed to revolutionize your practice.

To view a demo of SR Video, click here.