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Missed appointments equal lost revenue. Solutionreach Marketing equals _% missed appointments

Immediately Reduce Missed Appointments by 80-100%

Most no-shows occur because patients simply forget about their appointment! You need to remind your patients about their appointments, without losing the time and resources consumed by making staff dialed appointment reminder phone calls (that fail to consistently or effectively reach your patients.) Solutionreach messaging works! Let our automated text, email, and landline patient reminders IMMEDIATELY start reaching 100% of your patients, and say goodbye to no-shows!

Appointment Reminders HOW Patients Want Them

Using a patient's preferred communication - text reminders, email reminders, or automated landline calls - ensures that appointment reminders are actually received!

Appointment Reminders WHEN Patients Will See Them!

Schedule messages for the time and frequency that will reach them most effectively.

Appointment Confirmations You Can Count On

Patients can confirm their appointment through their automated appointment reminder with the press of a button. That confirmation is sent directly to you, without any effort on your part!

Automated Patient Reminder Messages that Come from YOU

Appointment reminder messages are easy to customize. Your patients will never know that they aren't coming straight from your front desk staff!

Automated Phone Reminders They Won’t Ignore

We know that some patients still prefer good 'ol phone calls, which is why we automate (and personalize) land line appointment reminder messages, too. Phone call patient reminders are introduced with a pre-recorded message from your staff letting them know to keep listening to hear their appointment details and then have the option to leave a voice message that will be sent to you.

Smart Software to Prevent Messaging Mistakes

When your staff enters phone number information, the Solutionreach software automatically distinguishes between mobile and landline numbers, so patients will never miss an appointment reminder text because it is sent to their landline!

No More Appointment Reminder Cards - Google Now and e-Calendar Integration!

With a click, patients can add the appointment information into their electronic calendar. Plus, our relationship with Google Now means that your appointment reminders automatically prompt Google Now to give them the information they will need to get to their appointment on time - like real time traffic and weather conditions before their appointment.

Appointment Reminders that Collect Patient e-Mails

Instead of charging our customers a fee for every email address we collect, our automated phone messages to patients request that patients leave a message with their email address so that you can reach them more effectively the next time. That information is sent to YOU, which lets you add them to your electronic patient messaging services. No hidden fees when you choose Solutionreach!

Reminding patients about their appointments has never been easier OR more effective!

Text, email and automated phone call appointment reminders and patient confirmations are only only one part of our huge platform of tools to improve your practice, your efficiency, and your patients' health! Request a demo by filling out the sidebar to see our platform in action and learn more!

Our customers agree!

“Missed appointments were reduced by 80% within the first two weeks!”
– Dr. Glen Ceresa, DDS, Ceresa Smile Design

"Of all the patients we've sent an Appointment Reminder to, not one of them has missed their appointment!"
– Mt. Timpanogos Dental

“Patients have received their reminders while at the grocery store three hours before and made the appointment they would have missed. They really enjoy the birthday messages, often times thanking us for it.”
– Kevin L. Gee, OD, FAAO Gee Eye Care

“I love it and so do our patients. Not one single complaint and lots of praise. No shows are reduced and confirmations have increased. Easy to use, and results are fast!”
~Deborah Hartley, RDH / SmileWright Dentistry

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Appointment Reminders - Solutionreach

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