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Targeted Care Campaigns
from Solutionreach

Custom education for better preventive
care and improved outcomes.

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Targeted Care Campaigns from Solutionreach Targeted Care Campaigns from Solutionreach

Targeted Care Campaigns from Solutionreach

Increasing preventive care and patient engagement have become critical objectives for medical practices, and consistent communication with your patients to educate and engage them is paramount to these goals.

The problem now facing most medical practices is that, as the time-consuming demands on your practice become greater, the time you have available to engage and educate your patients decreases. This is why Targeted Care Campaigns have been added to our patient engagement platform.

The Targeted Care Campaigns that are now built into our all-inclusive platform help you achieve your goals for educating patients while simultaneously increasing your productivity, so you have more time to spend engaging patients face-to-face.

These campaigns include a series of pre-written articles about critical healthcare topics presented within beautifully designed newsletter templates to allow you to automatically begin communicating vital medical information to your patients.

Critical Care Topics
Critical Care Topics

The topics selected for these campaigns are chosen specifically to educate patients on prevalent and costly conditions. Series topics include COPD, Diabetes, heart failure, asthma, hypertension, stroke, and women’s health-specific conditions. You’ll also find a HEDIS focused campaign to help you boost your scores and meet your pay-for-performance objectives.

Multi-email Series

Multi-email Series

Multiple emails are sent in a scheduled succession as patients are added into the group for each category.

Meet Meaningful Use Requirements & Boost HEDIS

Meet Meaningful Use Requirements & Boost HEDIS

Getting patients into your office assists you in meeting the preventative measure objectives for both Meaningful Use and HEDIS.

Professional Format

Professional Format

Our designers have taken great care to create attractive templates for each campaign email that will engage readers and capture their attention.

Engaging Content
Engaging Content

The informative articles in our continuing care campaigns are written by healthcare industry experts. The content engages patients by focusing and educating them on topics that are relevant to them, keeping their health top-of-mind and improving long-term outcomes.

Ideas for Using Targeted Care Campaigns
Ideas for Using Targeted Care Campaigns

Send vital information to expectant mothers during each trimester, letting them know what to watch for and how to best care for themselves and their baby.

Keep at risk cardiovascular patients up-to-date on issues related to improving their long term health or smarter dietary choices.

Diabetic patients can be educated on the how, what and when of their health and be aware of risks or other concerns.

Better Education. Better Prevention.

Better Care. Better Outcomes.

Better Education. Better Prevention. Better Care. Better Outcomes.

Although your patient’s day-to-day health is ultimately up to them, successful patient education starts with you. Providing each patient with consistent, relevant information is vital to improving preventive and treatment plan adherence, and will assist you in improving your patient outcomes.

Solutionreach is dedicated to giving you the tools needed to help you engage your patients, increase preventative care, and improve outcomes. We continue to add new campaigns to the newsletter section of our platform, each one always included at no additional cost.

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